Eric E. Holdeman

Eric Holdeman is a professional emergency manager who is passionate about providing information that can help families, businesses and governments become better prepared for disasters of all types. His goal is to enhance everyone’s disaster resilience.

Eric is a prolific writer, expert facilitator and a frequent commentator on news events of the day where he advocates for investing in disaster resilience in all its forms. He delivers informative, humorous and engaging presentations on a wide range of topics related to disasters to diverse audiences that includes public and private sector associations and conferences.

Additionally, he and his team of associates are ready and available to provide consulting services to a variety of public, private and nonprofit clients. These services include all phases of disaster planning, training and disaster exercises.

Two examples of his experience, knowledge and impact on emergency management have been his opinion pieces written for local and national media outlets as exemplified in his Washington Post Op-ed “Destroying FEMA”, and his being selected as one of Government Technology’s Top 25 Doers and Dreamers List

Eric looks forward to serving your needs. Please take time to explore the many aspects of his expertise by exploring the different elements of this website.


Here you will find information on Eric’s speaking, writing, and consulting work. Real-time thoughts from Eric at his Disaster Zone blog.

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Eric enjoys consulting in the areas of emergency management and homeland security