This past weekend I asked an owner of an accounting firm what job tip he would recommend. He said, “Follow-up.” People are busy and they have a lot to do with their regular work. Sometimes the hiring process gets stalled for no good reason.

Bill suggested the job candidate follow-up with the firm that is doing the hiring.

Personally I favor handwritten notes following an interview or perhaps a more formal letter is appropriate. It is an easy way to set yourself apart from the other candidates.

August 16-Job Hunting Tip of the Week

Build Your Network with Informational Interviews: It may be that you don’t know anyone in the discipline or profession that you are seeking to enter. One way to build that network and make connections with people in the business is to conduct informational interviews with key people working in the field.

In doing this the telephone is your friend. Ring them up and in a short (under 30 seconds) make your pitch for wanting to meet with them.

SAMPLE: Hello, this is Eric Holdeman, I’m completing my military service and I am in the process of investigating the field of emergency management as a future career path. Would you be available for a 20-30 minute informational interview next ________ at _______ o’clock?

Even better is to say the name of someone who referred you to the person. But, that is a subject for another future “Tip of the Week.”