“We are living in the “information age” and because of the important role the media plays in our society we need a new and different approach to how we work with all forms of the media. It starts with recognizing them as full fledged partners in building disaster resistant communities and regions. They are not the enemy, they are our friends.”

— Eric Holdeman


Providing accurate and factual information with insightful commentary to television, radio and newspaper media is an important aspect of what Eric is committed to doing.

He has had extensive media experience in providing informative content to all forms of the media. Eric currently hosts Disaster Zone TV, a show about emergencies and disasters. In the past Eric has also produced and hosted 60 Project Impact programs for a 31 channel government network of stations in Washington State.

See examples of his commercial television interviews, quotes in the media. Also see examples of his published articles and his Op-eds.

Eric believes that the media is not the enemy and is working to have governments and private business take a different approach to working with the media. See The Media is my Friend (PDF) for an introduction to what he has done previously and the attitudes he is trying to change.

Information for Media Partners

Eric tries to make himself available to the media 24/7/365 days, except for leap years when that expands to 366 days. Click here for Eric’s contact information. Another resource for you is Help A Reporter that allows you to have access to other sources based on your topic. It might be just what you need to reach other people who can help you with story content.

If Eric is not able to speak on a topic he has a 10,500 person rolodex of contacts and he will happily refer you to other experts.

You may find the following documents helpful in your work in reporting the news:


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